Corrugated cardboard displays

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Corrugated cardboard displays were in the beginning used to create boxes for shipping goods, to stores and also to consumers. Corrugated cardboard is still employed for this purpose and retail stores, generally make use of the boxes and products are despatched to showcase them on the racks or shelves.

Close by stashed Corrugated displays are often used as points of focus to entice the client’s attention A superb illustration of the following was the Michael Jackson exhibit when his “Thriller” album hit the shops. By means of this marketing display enthusiasts could possibly notice from afar the brand-new album was available and would rush to the music store. The kind of cardboard display stands utilized for that special marketing was known as pop up display, which is still very common at stores the same as the counter display, that is as the name suggests placed on the counter of the shop.At trade exhibitions once again the Corrugated point of purchase displays is mainly employed, for the very same objective, to catch the shopper’s interest.

From the moment corrugated display stands came into existence they have been growing in acceptance, and even now are. Particularly in countries like China the demand for corrugated cardboard so as to develop impressive designs is on the rise. In fact this increase has triggered home production of corrugated cardboard, one of several future markets in Europe and the United States.

Corrugated cardboard is also eco friendly, releases virtually no waste material and as soon as disposed off will deplete eventually completely without trace and without placing a burden on its atmosphere.

Cardboard display stands are the future for great looking, displays for all intents and purposes.

Corrugated cardboard displays

Corrugated compartment display racks for children's books Corrugated Christmas display rack, tiers display

Countertop display

table PDQ display box for memorandum book Toys cardboard counter display box

Pop up display

Advertising display racks, advertising standee for trade show Sports event advertising display stand

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