Buy cardboard displays what issues need attention

Date:2015-07-27 16:37Writer:Watson POP

cardboard displays in the terminal as a silent promoters, so choose a suitable cardboard displays sales of their products is very important. For different consumer groups, product category, store space products to choose iron, wood or paper shelves. If the product was just decoration, it is possible to select iron, durable; you want to display the product and expect to be able to achieve promotion to attract consumers to show, of course, paper shelf, which is in daily use, food, toys, clothing, etc. The reason why the industry widely favored.


Style Location


After the terminal stores market positioning, then what kind of style is more suitable: If floor-show shelf paper, paper display rack upright, furnishings Duitou type, table type show boxes, each of which has special. If they can not make a decision, so that manufacturers can give you the initiative, they will be based on product design, furnishings show the spatial position, the level of consumer groups to design appropriate sized paper shelves.


The maximum carrying capacity


Perhaps unlike iron shelf paper wood, paper shelf paper made from whole, its carrying capacity is based on the structural characteristics, the strong choice of material is good material than the difference between the carrying capacity. Paper shelf configuration can be changed depending on the desired product to achieve the desired load carrying capacity.

Price positioning
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Paper shelf price, different processes, structure, size, quantity price difference is also great, inexpensive products are generally not readily available, covet cheap to buy paper shelf have a problem, if you want to use a very low price custom good shelf paper, in the paper industry is basically impossible shelf. Because paper shelf itself features, many advertising companies, carton plant, printing, trading companies are able to help you achieve the production, but the quality of the picture is a professional manufacturer of good, is not tough enough, is the overall lack of coordination decency, as well as surface glue and other phenomenon. Many people think the price cheap, in the end their own Debu taste loss, low price to buy back something, people scared.


Production of paper qualification is very important Shelf manufacturer


Find a regular paper documents completely customized shelf factory, according to their market positioning, demand solutions proposed to shelf paper manufacturers, so that factories with more than listening to the views of professional producers, the program can be rationalized structure where the screen needs to be changed, it will not An important factor in the process will result in technical aspects of the operation more difficult, floor display,corrugated display stands,shelf paper mill scale and qualification is a reference, a good credit paper shelf company, for customers to buy early, mid-production, post-sales service is guaranteed, one should Survival of paper shelf company, cardboard displays is sure to give your pre-supply good products and services, which is the enterprise survival road win.


Watson Printing is a design, development, production, sales and service in one, specializes in the manufacture and sale of paper products; with independent import and export rights. By virtue of its expertise in the printing industry category temperature and mature technology, agility in terminal sales industry rise.


The company comply with the international trend of environmental protection, has been to provide users meet environmental paper products. In the ample introduction of foreign advanced technology, basically, we have successfully developed a wide variety of terminals designed to sell occasion required shelf paper, show rack, paper display rack, paper licensing legislation, show rack, hanging, show boxes, cardboard displays paper holder paper display rack, paper display boxes, display, X planes, PDQ, paper Duitou, packaging, display boxes, paper trays, and other paper POP show series products. In the process of development, to first-class product quality and sophisticated technology services was unanimously praised by users.

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